High-end aluminum alloy curtain wall supporting production technology

by:Zeyi     2021-09-29
High-end aluminum alloy curtain wall supporting production technology 1. The root of casting: the quality of extruded aluminum rods has a great impact on output. High-quality extruded aluminum rods are the basis for obtaining high-quality aluminum profiles. In order to obtain high-quality aluminum rods, there must be advanced equipment, mature melting and casting technology, and excellent management and technical personnel as a guarantee. 2. Die and extrusion are the main body: Die is the basis of the extrusion process and one of the key technologies for the production and molding of high-end curtain wall profiles. It not only determines the shape, dimensional accuracy and surface condition of the extruded product, but also affects the extrusion and the organization and performance of the product. ⑴ According to different alloys, reasonably select the heating process of the aluminum rod before extrusion. When aluminum rods are heated at a low speed, when they pass through a certain temperature range, the Mg2Si phase is very easy to precipitate. Therefore, it is necessary to heat at the fastest speed. Through the temperature zone of Mg2Si phase precipitation; (2) Choose reasonable extruder barrel temperature and mold temperature. During the extrusion process, the mold temperature changes greatly. Controlling the mold cooling temperature is the key. The cooling intensity must be strictly controlled to prevent the excessive thermal stress of the mold from causing failure. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the mold temperature is within the normal range to prevent the cooling medium from leaking into the working area and affecting the extrusion quality. ⑶ Select the appropriate outlet temperature and cooling process, the outlet temperature should be controlled within the optimal quenching temperature range, and the auxiliary traction system can be used to control the deformation of the material. Use strong wind or water mist for rapid cooling to ensure the mechanical properties of the profile, thereby completing the blank production. 3. Surface treatment is makeup: different surface treatment methods make the contours have a variety of makeup effects. The quality of product surface quality depends on our control and strict implementation of various process parameters. The improvement of production efficiency stems from practice, from our technological reform and innovation. Technological transformation and innovation usually originate from simple ideas, and then endeavor to verify and implement them to ensure the smooth delivery of supporting products.
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