High-end aluminum alloy doors and windows generally have these four characteristics!

by:Zeyi     2021-12-22
The production of aluminum alloy doors and windows is through a series of strict tests, and only after reaching the specified performance indicators can they be shipped and installed. So, what are the main attributes of general aluminum alloy doors and windows?    One. Sealing design First of all, the sealing design of unit type doors and windows is the most critical. The main structure of the seal is the sealing between the unit and the protective frame and between the protective frame and the cell The seal between the cell and the protective box should use two or more continuous rubber seals between the seals and the seal between the holes; the sealing structure design between the protective frame and the hole should be designed in accordance with a goal The different structures of the form enable protection between frames and usually should keep separate entrances after sealing with waterproof mortar. You can use waterproof silicone protective frames and then seal the window openings between the inner and outer finishes. 2. Waterproof design Waterproof design is one of the highlights of doors and windows. You can do waterproof modular design on the door. Double waterproof design, the waterproof design of the equipment itself, the doors and windows on the second floor of the shielded box, according to the settings of drainage holes and units, except The drain hole is also opened at the position where the next frame and the unit body are connected outside of the protection. Rain water or condensed water is directly discharged from the drainage port to the body under normal conditions. If the cell body and the protection box between the rainwater infiltration or leakage caused by the poor internal drainage of the unit body and the cavity profile condensate are not tightly sealed, it can pass through the second layer of the waterproof protection box to drain smoothly.  3. Energy-saving design   both use protective boxes, bridge thermal profile window units (worn strip or distributed type), and the width of the insulation structure can be adjusted according to the requirements of energy-saving goals. Due to the unit door and window interface design and the single cavity plug structure, the front door and window unit can be easily connected to one side of the elastic insulating material (extruded polystyrene material or polyurethane material), which can effectively hinder the air circulation inside the cavity of the splicing unit. The energy-saving effect far exceeds other similar energy-saving windows, and it also has the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction. 4. Seismic design of unit doors and windows. A special plug-in installation compatible structure enhances the displacement capacity of the main structure of the window, which can effectively absorb seismic effects, temperature changes, and inter-layer displacement. It is more suitable for the seismic requirements of different regions than traditional doors. . ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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