How can the door and window industry deal with the off-season of sales

by:Zeyi     2022-02-01
In the face of objective disadvantages, door and window companies should, like Parma's overall doors and windows, always pay attention to and research the market, and find the most effective and most suitable operating method in each period.   Looking at the development of the market, most industries have relatively low and high seasons for market sales. In July and August each year, it is the traditional off-season for the door and window industry. Hot weather reduces the frequency of home improvement, and the demand for the entire market also drops, which is undoubtedly a fatal wound to the sales of door and window companies.   I visited the building materials and home furnishing market and found that most building materials stores were slightly deserted and there were very few customers. Even if customers came to the store for inquiries, the transaction was not completed in the end and the transaction rate was low. Therefore, many store managers repeatedly complained: 'It's hard to do business these years!' 'In this hot weather, I look at the storefront in a cold and cold atmosphere, and my heart is cold.'    Faced with the hurdle that comes every year as scheduled, What do major companies do? The industry's off-season sales are on schedule, how should door and window companies respond?   During the visit, I found that various door and window companies have different attitudes towards the off-season: some companies feel like they are facing a big enemy, and some companies respond calmly. 'Entering the off-season of sales means that the performance of the company is flat or even going downhill.' In this regard, industry insiders analyze that with the increasingly intensified market competition, in the face of severe market rules, many companies will hold their heads and complain about the off-season. The depression caused by the phenomenon. And smart door and window companies will see six directions and listen to all directions, and strive to open up sales channels in the off-season to seize market share.  Industry insiders also pointed out that in the off-season, if door and window companies can actively adjust their internal and external businesses, the company will still be in a smooth operating state. It’s not difficult to find out that in the peak sales season, whether manufacturers, agents or distributors, everyone’s work focuses on how to do promotions, activities, and advertising. In a series of sales work, there is little energy and time to research the market. In the off-season, most companies are also considering how to promote sales, but the effect is very poor. Dealers also complained repeatedly, but they are unable to change.   Specifically, first conduct research on consumers to find out why consumers like to buy the brand, and how satisfied they are with its products and after-sales service. In addition, the economic development, consumption habits, popular factors and other relevant market conditions of the local market need to be investigated again, and the latest research report should be made to formulate product sales policies, establish new sales targets, and launch flagship products for the company. Provide scientific and practical reference information. 'The off-season can strengthen the charging of business personnel and the training of sales promotion personnel and dealer-related business personnel.' Facing the off-season sales, a sales person in charge of a door and window enterprise said that sales promotion personnel and dealer business personnel are on the front line of the market. Engaged in the sales of this product, their sales level and service awareness directly affect the sales of the product during the peak season.  In the off-season, there is ample time to carry out the necessary industry knowledge, product knowledge, sales skills, sales skills training and exercises to lay the foundation for the peak season sales work. Only by continuously strengthening the learning of all aspects of knowledge and skills can we keep up with the development of society and the times, and can also cope with the ever-changing market situation.   Insiders pointed out that in the face of objective unfavorable factors, door and window companies should always pay attention to and study the market to find the most effective and most suitable operating method in each period. At the same time, it maintains a good sales enthusiasm, and actively takes measures to meet new challenges and ease the off-season sales pressure. Information source: Jiuzheng Building Materials Network Image source: Internet
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