How do people in the non-curtain wall industry understand the safety of glass curtain walls?

by:Zeyi     2022-02-02
Many professionals, private owners and owners in the non-curtain wall industry, because they do not have much contact with glass curtain walls, nor are they professional practitioners in this industry. When they come into contact with glass curtain walls, they want to know more about the safety of glass curtain walls. Question, here we want to make some simple explanations. First of all, we should realize that the glass curtain wall industry is a professional exterior wall decoration project in the construction industry. It has national standards. From design, construction, and raw materials, there are a large number of complete, safe and reliable international and domestic standards. These standards use strict experimental data amplification safety multiples as application standards. As long as it is carried out in accordance with the standards, there will be no problems with the engineering structure, quality, safety, and reliability. The glass curtain wall engineering test includes four tests (air tightness, wind pressure resistance, water tightness, and plane deformation performance). Aluminum profile mechanical performance test (hardness, strength, weather resistance test) Silicone compatibility and weather resistance test Glass safety tempering test and energy saving test If a glass curtain wall project passes the above tests, the safety of the glass curtain wall can basically be determined There is no problem. Walking into the central cities and metropolises of the country, standing up one by one, all kinds of high-rise buildings are all glass curtain wall projects, so for some small curtain wall projects, as long as they are qualified professional engineering companies, then the glass curtain wall There is no problem with security.
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