How do we deal with overheating when processing industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-04-29
It is very normal for industrial aluminum profile to overheat during processing, but we need to know what we need to do when industrial aluminum is overheated during processing, and how can we better deal with it in advance , Then, through the process of industrial aluminum processing, I have made a little summary of experience on how to deal with the overheating phenomenon in industrial aluminum processing. Below, the editor will share with you. Before entering the aging furnace, industrial aluminum profile needs to be separated from other alloys. If the production needs to be aged together with other aluminum alloys, a special alloy process can be used for aging. Then there is the temperature setting and control of the aging furnace. There must be errors in the temperature inside and outside. We must set the temperature according to the actual situation and pay attention to temperature fluctuations at all times. The temperature holding time of the aging furnace needs to be paid attention to. The holding time of industrial aluminum in the aging furnace should not be too long, of course, it cannot be short. Underaging or overaging will lead to insufficient hardness of industrial aluminum profile, which will affect the quality of its products. When industrial aluminum is extruded and packed, there needs to be a gap between the materials to better facilitate the aging cycle air supply.
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