How does an industrial aluminum factory deal with the hardness of industrial aluminum alloy profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-04-28
factory applies the hypothesis of aluminum alloy profiles with low hardness of industrial aluminum profile alloy profiles to buildings, which will often cause the quality of buildings and other related components to decline, thereby reducing the service life of buildings and seriously endangering human safety. Therefore, in the process of consuming aluminum alloy profiles, how to ensure the hardness of aluminum alloy profiles? How does an industrial aluminum factory operate?   Temperature setting and control: Generally, there is a certain error in the temperature of the mild surface. The temperature setting should be stopped according to the actual temperature of the furnace. Of course, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the temperature shaking. Aging insulation of aluminum alloy profiles: the aging must be stopped in strict accordance with the process requirements, and the holding time should be appropriate to avoid over-aging or over-aging to make the hardness insufficient.   The aluminum alloy profile extrusion frame should not be too dense, and there should be a certain distance between the material and the material, especially the distance between the small material and the thick material that cannot be breathable. When the pipe is assembled with small materials and thin plates, the pipe should be placed underneath to facilitate circulating air supply.  Aluminum alloy profiles should be aged separately with other special alloys of 6 series and 6063 alloy before charging. Since the reason for consumption is aging in the same furnace, it is necessary to use special alloy technology to prevent the aging of aluminum alloy profiles. Extruded aluminum alloy profiles are not low in hardness before aging and cannot be used as waste products. Therefore, generally speaking, aging must be used to increase the strength.
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