How does industrial aluminum anodizing work?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-06
At present, the aluminum industry in my country is developing very rapidly at this stage. It is used in various industries. In recent years, the development speed of industrial aluminum profile products in my country has been relatively fast. The category of industrial aluminum products has increased sensitively, and the use of aluminum resources The rate continues to advance, speeding up the development of my country’s aluminum resources. 1. Surface degreasing process: The purpose of the degreasing process is to remove industrial lubricating oil and anticorrosive oil on the surface of the aluminum profile, as well as dirt and impurities attached to the surface of the profile, to ensure uniform alkali corrosion of the aluminum profile, and to ensure the cleaning of the alkali corrosion tank. 2. Surface treatment: Surface treatment is also called surface pretreatment, which uses physical and chemical substances to remove dirt on the surface of the aluminum profile and expose the aluminum profile body to facilitate oxidation treatment on the surface of the aluminum profile later. 3. Acid etching process: The surface acid etching process is to perform surface acid etching treatment after the aluminum profile is degreasing. The primary purpose is to remove the oxide formed by the oxidation of other metal elements on the surface of the aluminum profile and the natural oxide film formed by the profile; acid corrosion After treatment, it needs to be washed with water immediately, and the washing temperature is controlled as early as 50 ℃ to avoid flow marks on the surface of the profile, and then wash with active water. As the aluminum profile contains copper elements, the surface becomes dark after the acid rot test. It needs to be soaked in a nitric acid solution for 3-5 minutes to make the surface appear bright silver. 4. Alkaline etching process: The primary purpose of the alkaline etching process is roughly the same as that of the acid etching process. It removes the residual material and degeneration layer on the surface of the aluminum profile during the oxidation process, and eliminates the scratches left on the surface of the aluminum profile during the kneading process. Defects: Alkaline etching treatment on the surface of aluminum profile plays a vital role in the overall quality of the surface of aluminum profile. 5. Neutralization process: The purpose of the neutralization process is to remove the copper, manganese, iron, silicon and other alloying elements or impurities remaining on the surface of the aluminum profile after the acid etching treatment and alkali etching treatment. For the remaining lye after alkaline etching treatment of aluminum profiles, the method generally selected is to use 30%-50% nitric acid solution. For high-silicon aluminum alloys, cast alloys, use nitric acid and hydrogen fluorine 1:3 The volume ratio of mixed acid, silicon and hydrogen react with hydrofluoric acid to generate fluorosilicic acid and leave the aluminum surface. 6. Anodizing treatment: The method of anodizing treatment is to use the solution as the medium, and select the tip discharge to form an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum profile, so that the aluminum profile has super corrosion resistance. The obtained protective layer has higher hardness and corrosion resistance, and the standard thickness is 10-12μ, which can better the anti-oxidation function of the advanced aluminum profile and the beauty of the advanced profile. The above is the operation steps of the surface anodizing of industrial aluminum profile that the aluminum industry shares with you. For more details, please pay attention to the official website of the aluminum industry! This article comes from: Edited and compiled http://www.skyline-alu.com, reprinting must indicate the source.
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