How is industrial aluminum produced?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-12
Most of the industrial aluminum materials are developed according to the existing needs of users. Some industries have strong development capabilities, such as rail vehicle manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc., but some small industries lack their own development capabilities or are not aware of the available industrial aluminum profiles. To replace existing materials, it is necessary for manufacturers to assist users in developing alternative industrial aluminum profiles. To do this, it is necessary to go out and conduct detailed investigations on the materials used in various industries to find out which aluminum profiles are suitable for replacement. Through these developments, the market for industrial aluminum profiles can be expanded, especially the development of large-scale industries, and the increase in market demand can reduce the fierce competition faced by the large and extra-large extrusion lines under construction after the completion. Improve the overall production technology of industrial aluminum. Most of the industrial aluminum profile profiles have strict requirements on material, performance, dimensional tolerances, etc. Although the profit of industrial aluminum profiles is higher than that of architectural aluminum profiles, its production is relatively difficult, and the technical requirements are also higher, especially complex The production technology of large, flat, wide and thin-walled industrial aluminum profiles still lags far behind foreign countries. 1. Material selection of raw materials is an industrial frame profile obtained by heating aluminum rods and extruding molds, while aluminum rods are melted and cast from aluminum ingots, which are called industrial aluminum profile raw materials; and Raw materials will directly affect the performance of industrial aluminum products. 2. Aluminum rod heating The heating treatment of the aluminum rod should ensure the temperature control, the temperature of the extrusion outlet, the online quenching temperature and so on. 3. Mold design profile is the final product of aluminum rods that are heated and extruded through a mold, while the mold is a tool with high-precision specifications designed according to requirements, used to extrude profile products of required specifications and cross-sections ; Factors of attention to the extrusion process of industrial aluminum profile: ①Temperature control: For extrusion production, extrusion temperature is the most basic and most critical process factor. Extrusion temperature has a great influence on product quality, production efficiency, die life, energy consumption, etc. ②Extrusion speed: The extrusion speed must be carefully controlled during the extrusion process. The extrusion speed has an important influence on the thermal effect of deformation, the uniformity of deformation, the process of recrystallization and solid solution, the mechanical properties of the product and the surface quality of the product. ③On-machine quenching: 6063-T5 quenching is to remove the Mg2Si solid-dissolved in the base metal at a high temperature and then quickly cool it to room temperature and be retained. The cooling rate is often proportional to the strengthening phase content. The minimum cooling rate that the 6063 alloy can be strengthened is 38°C/min, so it is suitable for air-cooled quenching. Changing the number of fan and fan revolutions can change the cooling intensity and reduce the temperature of the product before tension straightening to below 60°C. 5. Straightening and correction of industrial aluminum profiles There will be a certain deviation after extrusion of industrial aluminum profiles. After forming, straightening and correction should be used to straighten and correct the industrial aluminum profiles that have just been extruded to the required tolerance range. Inside, the straightening correction must be done with a straightening machine to ensure its accuracy. 6. The aluminum profile produced by artificial aging extrusion has low hardness before aging and cannot be used as a finished product. Therefore, in general, it must be aging to increase the strength. 7. Sandblasting + oxidation treatment process After extrusion, the surface of the industrial aluminum profile will have obvious stretching lines, and the surface has large micropores and relatively rough. It must be sandblasted. The emery is used in the sandblasting process. The impact action of the aluminum profile will cause the change of the surface structure of the aluminum profile. Accompanying the plastic deformation process, the crystal slips, resulting in an increase in the dislocation density within the subgrain and the profile surface becomes smoother. At present, many industrial aluminum profile profiles on the market reduce the cost and reduce the surface oxidation treatment process of industrial aluminum profiles. They directly use silver-white oxidation treatment, the surface is bright silver, and the plating layer is generally between 5μ-6μ, which is far from reaching the industry standard (industry Standard plating 10μ-12μ). 8. Packaging Because the quality requirements of industrial aluminum products are very high, and the overall aesthetics of the appearance are very particular, the requirements for later packaging are very strict.
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