How is the aluminum profile frame quoted?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-01
The aluminum profile rack is quoted according to the customer's individual customization needs. Its quotation includes the specifications, dimensions, quantity, price, processing methods of the aluminum profile, the number and type of accessories, and so on. Here is a detailed explanation of how to quote customers for aluminum profile racks? The aluminum profile rack customized by each customer is different. The technical staff will first communicate with the customer to understand the industrial aluminum profile profile machine. Specific customization requirements for racks. The technical staff will help the customer choose the design according to the specific situation, and then draw the three-dimensional drawing. After the customer confirms the three-dimensional drawing, the quotation can be made. The way of quotation is to use a table to list the specifications of the profile used, the size of the cut, the unit price, the quantity, the total price, the processing method, the type of accessories used, the specific specifications, the unit price, the quantity, the total price, the size and type of the sheet Quantity, unit price and price. Finally, the total price of these profiles + the total price of accessories + the total price of plates is the quotation for a set of aluminum profile frames. When quoting the aluminum profile rack, customers need to carefully confirm the number of profiles and accessories they use. If there is no problem, they can sign a contract and proceed with payment processing. It takes time for aluminum profile manufacturers to make a quotation, and it is not possible for the customer to get the quotation as soon as they come. In terms of quality and workload, technicians need a certain amount of time to work in order to satisfy customers. Therefore, if you need to customize the quotation of industrial aluminum profile frame, you need to be patient. The above is how the aluminum profile frame is quoted. If you need to customize the aluminum profile frame and other frame fences, you can come to consult. The results of our quotation of aluminum profile racks for customers are different. According to the specific requirements of customers, different profile specifications, connection methods and panel types will be selected. This is also the price of different customized industrial aluminum profile profile racks. Sexual reasons.
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