How is the surface drawing of aluminum profile formed?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-13
Everyone knows more about the drawing process of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The drawing of aluminum profile has the dual function of removing scratches on the surface of the aluminum profile and beautifying the surface of the aluminum profile. Then, how is the surface drawing of the aluminum profile formed?  Aluminum profile drawing refers to the use of mechanical friction to process straight lines on the surface of the aluminum profile. There are two types of straight wire drawing: continuous wire and intermittent wire. The continuous silk pattern can be obtained by using a scouring pad or a steel brush through continuous horizontal linear friction on the surface of the aluminum profile. Such as manual grinding or using a planer to clamp the wire brush on the aluminum plate to obtain caries. Change the wire diameter of the stainless steel brush to obtain textures of different thicknesses. Intermittent silk patterns are generally processed on brushing machines or rubbing machines. Production principle: Two sets of differential wheels rotating in the same direction are used. The upper set is a fast-rotating grinding roller, and the lower set is a slow-rotating rubber roller. The aluminum profile or aluminum alloy plate passes through the two sets of rollers and is brushed. Delicate intermittent straight lines.  Aluminum profile:
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