How is the surface of household aluminum treated?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-07
All-aluminum home furnishings have the advantages of fashion, beauty, energy saving, environmental protection and safety, and are more and more favored by consumers. Therefore, many consumers are curious about the surface of home aluminum.   household aluminum surface treatment mainly includes electrophoresis, anodizing, electrostatic powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying and wood grain transfer printing technologies. The surface treatment process is becoming more mature, with a wide range of uses, diverse colors, clear texture, and strong three-dimensional effect. The all-aluminum household profile can better reflect the natural appearance and texture of wood grain, similar to panel furniture, and is an ideal energy-saving and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional wood. material.   Household aluminum wood grain transfer treatment: The outline of the wood grain surface is usually processed by wood grain transfer equipment. The process is: powder spray coating film 190℃-200℃ baking, film removal packaging. Passing a certain temperature on the aluminum alloy organic coating substrate, the ink on the transfer paper is sublimated and transferred to the substrate coating to obtain clear and complete wood grain colors and shapes. The all-aluminum household profile adopts powder spraying technology and high-quality high-content resin powder. Through the combination of spraying technology and exquisite craftsmanship, not only the pigment paint is not easy to volatilize after curing, but the surface color of the aluminum profile is realistic, the wood grain texture is strong, the mellow and soft, and the adsorption power Strong, strong weather resistance, and the color can remain unchanged for 10 years, so that the home life is full of vitality and lignification.   is not only a high-quality aluminum profile manufacturer that produces household aluminum, but also industrial aluminum profile products suitable for different fields. Over the years, it has accumulated technical experience, innovated and made progress, and continuously made new contributions to the development of the aluminum industry!
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