How many steps are there in the processing process of industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-22
Today I will tell you what is the whole set of processing procedures for industrial aluminum? Everyone knows that industrial aluminum profile is now widely used in our lives, so do you know how industrial aluminum is made? What is the approximate process? Today, the editor will lead everyone to unveil the mystery of the industrial aluminum processing process. 1. Melting and casting in industrial aluminum is the first step in the beginning of processing and production. So what is casting? What are the steps involved in casting? First of all, I will show you what casting is. Melting and casting are generally divided into three steps (1) Ingredients: Ingredients are to determine the specific aluminum alloy model required according to the hardness and density of the industrial aluminum material to be produced, and calculate the composition of various aluminum alloys and the addition amount of each ingredient , Reasonably match various raw materials to produce suitable materials for the industrial aluminum. (2) Melting: Melting, as the name implies, is to add the raw materials prepared in the previous step to the furnace to melt according to the process requirements, and also to remove the slag and gas from the smelted raw materials through the method of slagging and degassing. (3) Casting: Casting is to cool and cast the molten liquid into various specifications of round aluminum rods under a certain casting process through a deep well casting system. 2. Extrusion in industrial aluminum is the second step in processing and production. The next and most important step is how to extrude the aluminum rod from the previous one to extrude the industrial aluminum you want. Extrusion is a method of forming industrial aluminum. First, you need to make an extrusion die according to the cross-sectional drawing of your industrial aluminum design, and then use an industrial aluminum extrusion machine to extrude the heated aluminum rod into the die. come out. From this we can see the importance of the mold. If there is a slight deviation between the mold and the drawing, it will affect the shape of the extruded industrial aluminum. Of course, the mold should be observed before the mold is extruded. There is no problem. It can be squeezed. There is also a process of air quenching and artificial aging during extrusion so that the hardness of industrial aluminum can be strengthened through heat treatment. Fortunately, the heat treatment of aluminum rods will be different. 3. Oxidation and coloring in industrial aluminum is the third step in processing and production. The third and also very important step is related to the corrosion resistance of industrial aluminum. The oxidation of industrial aluminum profile is to perform surface treatment of industrial aluminum with poor surface corrosion resistance through anodizing to enhance the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and aesthetics of industrial aluminum. Of course, the oxidation process also needs to be divided into three steps to proceed, the editor will briefly talk about it. (1) Surface treatment: Use chemical or physical methods to clean the industrial aluminum to keep the industrial aluminum clean to obtain a complete and dense artificial oxide film. (2) The industrial aluminum is cleaned in the previous step. This step is anodizing. Under the process conditions, anodization occurs on the surface of the substrate to form a dense, porous film with strong adsorption. (3) Sealing: The pores of the porous oxide film formed after anodization are sealed to prevent pollution and corrosion of the oxide film. Sexual enhancement. The above is the process of industrial aluminum from raw materials to finished products. Although the editor above is only a few words, it is not so easy to make in this process, and there are many details and other steps that need to be thoroughly in-depth. I understand, I hope that the industrial aluminum processing process of the editor can help you. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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