How much advantage does all-aluminum furniture have in the home furnishing industry?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-24
In recent years, all-aluminum furniture is a new type of environmentally friendly furniture. Nowadays, most consumers choose all-aluminum furniture when buying furniture. The use of all-aluminum furniture may not be very clear to everyone. Below, I will take a look with you:    Panel furniture is cheap but not good quality As we all know, panel furniture is cheap, and it is the first choice for many families with insufficient decoration budgets. Although the price of wood and panel furniture is cheap, it is completely incomparable with the high cost performance of all-aluminum furniture. The all-aluminum home is environmentally friendly and healthy, with zero formaldehyde, reaching the E0 standard. And the all-aluminum home is not only non-toxic and harmless in the material itself, during the installation process, because the modular lock is used for installation and fixing, no glue is used, so there will be no harmful substances in the installation process. It can be installed and live. Solid wood furniture is expensive, and the price cannot be afforded. Solid wood furniture has the advantages of sound insulation, durability, and high texture. In fact, these advantages are all aluminum furniture. However, solid wood furniture has a fatal weakness, that is, the price is too expensive. Ordinary families can afford, the market price of a complete set of solid wood customization is generally as high as hundreds of thousands, plus the complicated installation cycle is long, and the installation of all-aluminum furniture is quick and convenient, and it saves manpower and material resources.
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