How much does the aluminum profile frame cost

by:Zeyi     2021-05-28
Nowadays, aluminum frame is a must-have for the automation industry, but due to the wide variety of industrial aluminum profiles, different industrial aluminum profile frame quotations are also different. In fact, the production cost of industrial aluminum frame u003d material Fee + processing fee + assembly fee + plate fee + logistics fee, let's take a look together below. The materials used in industrial aluminum profile frames are aluminum profiles and aluminum profile accessories, so the material cost is the main cost of making aluminum profile frames. If the industrial aluminum profile frame adopts internal connection, it is necessary to punch holes and tap the aluminum profile. At this time, the processing fee will be charged. And if you want to cut the angle, you also have to charge a fee. If the industrial aluminum profile profile frame is to be assembled in an aluminum profile manufacturer, an installation fee will be charged. Aluminum profile manufacturers can also send the technology of aluminum profile manufacturers to the site for assembly, and they also have to charge a fee. If a panel is to be installed on the industrial aluminum profile profile frame, the panel will be charged separately. Generally, aluminum profile manufacturers do not produce plates, but there are long-term cooperative plate factories, and the price is very affordable, much cheaper than buying by yourself. Regardless of whether the industrial aluminum profile frame is assembled or unassembled, if it is delivered to the destination by logistics, it will also be charged for logistics. Of course, there is no charge for picking up by yourself. The above is a brief introduction to the cost of the aluminum profile frame. If you have any questions, please consult!
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