How much is a ton of industrial aluminum profiles in 2020

by:Zeyi     2021-09-27
As a material widely used in modern industry, industrial aluminum profile has a price that people pay attention to. The price of industrial aluminum profiles generally consists of three parts: raw materials, processing costs and profits. Let’s share with you how much is a ton of industrial aluminum profile in 2020? First, the specifications of industrial aluminum profile range from 15 series to 100 series. Each series has many specifications. In general, there are hundreds of industrial aluminum profile specifications. , And the price of each specification is different. This is also because from the 15 series to the 100 series, the bearing and weight of aluminum profiles are getting heavier, so the price is getting more and more expensive. If you want to know the price of industrial aluminum profile profiles, you need to provide specific aluminum profile specifications. The second is that the quantity of purchase is different, and the price of industrial aluminum profile is also different. Just like shopping, the more you buy, the greater the discount and the more affordable the price. The wholesale and retail prices of aluminum profiles are of course different. Third, the cost of aluminum profile processing is also different. Although most industrial aluminum profile profile manufacturers do not charge for aluminum profile cutting, they need to charge extra for deep processing services such as aluminum profile drilling and tapping. Therefore, the price of buying processed industrial aluminum profiles and unprocessed aluminum profiles is also different. The above are the aspects that you need to know about how much industrial aluminum profiles are per ton in 2020. If you need aluminum profiles, you can leave a contact information, and we will send you a sample booklet for you to shop around. You better our quality and service.
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