How should industrial aluminum be identified?

by:Zeyi     2021-04-23
Over the years, with the level of industry, the industrial aluminum profile industry is becoming more and more popular. Sales are also diversified, with huge price disparity. Most customers will only choose industrial aluminum sales companies from the lowest prices. But this has forced some companies that insist on quality first to ensure sales from lower raw material and processing costs, and market chaos is becoming more and more obvious. 1. Oxide film thickness—the thickness is not enough, the aluminum surface is easy to rust and corrode. The thickness of the national standard building and industrial aluminum profile oxide film should not be less than 10um (micrometer). The thickness of the film is 5 to 8um. According to expert estimates, every reduction of 1um oxide film thickness can reduce power consumption by more than 100 yuan per ton of material. 2. A kind of chemical composition, mixed with a large amount of waste aluminum, industrial aluminum can greatly reduce the cost, but it will cause the chemical composition of industrial aluminum to be unqualified, the crystal grains will become coarser and larger, and it will seriously affect the quality of the oxidized surface. 3. The thickness distribution is roughly the same size drawing, but the section size, width, center hole, but the wall thickness difference is very large, it can also be quite different weight, each price also corresponds to a large gap. It is the cost difference directly caused by the weight of the material. 4. Manufacturers-large aluminum profile factories, raw materials, production process standards, strict quality control, processing costs are higher than small manufacturers, processing costs can vary by 2000-3000/ton. Reduce 2-3 yuan/kg. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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