How should the system doors and windows be maintained?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-29
Good aluminum.com/aluminium-profile-for-wardrobe.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profile doors and windows are inseparable from good maintenance. In modern home decoration, system doors and windows are used more and more frequently, but many people don't know how to maintain system doors and windows. So how to maintain system doors and windows, what skills do you have? When cleaning the doors and windows of the system, please be careful not to use tools such as hard objects and cleaning balls to scrub, because this will leave small scratches on the bright panels, which will affect the appearance of the doors and windows of the system. It should be deep cleaned once a year, and the deep cleansing should be divided into two, the first time to scrub with a soft cloth dyed with water, and the second time to scrub with clean water, open the doors and windows of the system to ventilate and dry. Because the kitchen is so fume that you often encounter grease stains when rubbing the oil, you can use the soft layout to clean it. If you encounter a single piece that is damaged or heavily contaminated, you can replace and renew it, but you should pay attention to the color difference. In addition, the gaps on the doors and windows of the system can also be wiped away with oil repellent. Do not switch the heating module frequently to ensure that there is no large vibration around, otherwise it will affect the service life of the system doors and windows. When you open it for a long time, it is not used, you need to check the doors and windows of the system and open it for 3 to 5 minutes. See if it can be used. If you encounter problems, you should ask professional and technical personnel for repairs. When using system doors and windows, try not to switch frequently, because during frequent start-ups, by increasing the indoor temperature loss, energy consumption will rise sharply, greatly increasing energy costs. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the switching between system doors and windows. For the door and window cleaning of the toilet system, under normal circumstances, if there is no oil stains, it is easy to maintain and clean. It is best to wipe with a soft cloth and water. Generally speaking, it is best to clean the doors and windows of the system once a year, but the aluminum profile doors and windows used in the kitchen must be cleaned once a month to ensure the service life of the aluminum profile doors and windows.
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