How to accept aluminum alloy doors and windows

by:Zeyi     2021-09-08
1. Look at the drawings. The types, specifications, opening directions and device positions of the doors and windows used should meet the design requirements.  2. Appearance acceptance. Door and window installations must be strong, horizontal and vertical, and divergent. The gap between the frame and the wall should be full and dense, smooth and lubricated, without cracks, and the filling materials and methods should meet the design requirements.   3. Acceptance of embedded parts. The quantity, position, and connection method of embedded parts must meet the design requirements.  4, hardware acceptance. Doors and windows sashes should be opened sensitively, without inversion, blockage and rebound. The hardware fittings should be complete and in the correct position. After sealing, the sealing strip should be in a compressed form.   5. Appearance clean and acceptance. The appearance quality of doors and windows should be clean after installation. There are no scratches, bruises or rust on the large surface; the large surface of the coating film is smooth and lubricated, with uniform thickness and no pores.   The design, installation, and acceptance of aluminum alloy profiles, doors and windows all require enterprises with certain qualifications to carry out. Due to the long service life of some houses, it is easy to meet small owners' demand to change aluminum alloy doors and windows. If the owner is required to change the aluminum alloy doors and windows himself, he should also find some professional and qualified enterprises or organizations. It is best to hire some professional inspection and acceptance aluminum alloy doors and windows or supervisors during the acceptance.
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