How to achieve 'quality manufacturing' for extruded aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-18
Due to the diverse specifications of aluminum profiles, the complex flow of materials during the extrusion process, and the harsh load bearing conditions of the extrusion die, the development of aluminum profile extrusion products and the design of the die have become a difficult task. The traditional production mode that relies on experience design and trial rework can no longer meet the needs of modern economic development. In a market economy environment where efficiency is life and quality is the key, aluminum extrusion production companies attach the most importance to improving the success rate of mold design and processing, and the output and finished product rate of extrusion. In the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy semi-finished products, extrusion is one of the main forming processes. The quality of the extrusion die and the speed of the extrusion directly affect the product quality and output of the aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion manufacturers.     In this case, how to improve the productivity of the extruder has become a top priority. There are many measures to improve productivity. Improving the level of installation, improving the quality of workers, and improving the management level are all practical and effective measures. 1. The main factors affecting product output and quality 1. The importance of aluminum rod quality For aluminum profiles with high quality requirements, the quality of aluminum rods directly affects product quality and output, alloying, graining, and refinement , Homogenized high-quality ingots can reduce the loss of the mold, increase the effective production time, thereby increasing the extrusion speed to achieve the maximum output.     2. Advanced equipment and high-quality workers are the prerequisites for increasing output.      For increasing the output of extrusion products, advanced equipment, high-quality workers, and modern scientific management play a vital role.    3, the importance of mold     Reasonable mold design, timely nitriding to improve the hardness and smoothness of the mold working belt, reduce the number of mold changes, reduce non-work time, improve product quality and reduce scrap rate, which is very important to maximize output.    4. The important relationship between temperature control and increased output      Generally, if there is no unscheduled downtime, the maximum output is mainly determined by the extrusion speed, and the latter is subject to four factors, three of which are fixed. The last factor is temperature and its controlled degree is variable. The first factor is the extrusion force of the extruder. Large extrusion force can be smoothly extruded when the ingot temperature is low; the second factor is the die Design, the friction between the metal and the die wall during extrusion can usually increase the temperature of the passing aluminum alloy by 35~62℃; the third factor is the characteristics of the extruded alloy, which is an uncontrollable factor that limits the extrusion speed. Generally, the outlet temperature of the product should not exceed 540℃, otherwise, the surface quality of the material will be reduced, the mold marks will be significantly aggravated, and even aluminum sticking, gravure, micro-cracks, tearing, etc. will appear. The last factor is temperature and its degree of control.     Finally, the employees of the extrusion plant should keep in mind that precise temperature control is essential to increase production.     2. The main way to increase product output and quality is      Because product output and quality mainly depend on raw materials, equipment and molds, appropriate process parameter settings, and worker quality. The specific ways to improve product output and quality and reduce the amount of scrap are as follows:      choose high-quality ingots that are alloyed, grained, refined, and homogenized;      optimize the mold design, and timely nitridation improves the hardness and smoothness of the mold working belt. Reduce the number of mold changes and reduce non-work efficiency;      lengthen the ingot to reduce the number of surpluses;      use hot shear to increase the metal yield;      cut off at the weld joint of the profile, select the appropriate ingot length and extrusion length; Lower the ingot temperature and increase the extrusion speed to ensure the exit temperature.
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