How to apply industrial aluminum to the mask assembly line

by:Zeyi     2021-09-13
Although a number of domestic provinces and cities have achieved 'zero increase' for multiple days of new coronary pneumonia, the foreign epidemic situation has intensified. Masks and protective clothing are still in short supply. Therefore, the production capacity of mask machine assembly lines and other equipment still needs to be accelerated. After supplying multiple mask machine assembly lines, we summarized the experience, and it is very simple and quick to customize the mask machine frame with industrial aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profile profiles. First of all, whether it is a mask machine assembly line or a protective clothing production equipment assembly line, they all need to be customized. The models and specifications of each device are different. Customizing the frame with industrial aluminum profile profiles has more advantages than customizing materials such as stainless steel. It does not need to be welded, and there is no need to worry about gaps and instability. Secondly, the surface of the aluminum material has been anodized to ensure the corrosion resistance and durability of the aluminum material. The long production time of the mask machine requires high equipment u003d high requirements. The production environment of the mask is operated in a dust-free workshop. The characteristics of the European standard aluminum profile are environmentally friendly; the aluminum uses masks The mechanical equipment is easy to clean and not easy to get dirty. Finally, aluminum can be processed according to the size of the machine, such as assembly line workbenches, conveyor mask chains, and mask machine equipment frames. Customers only need to provide design and processing drawings, and CNC machining centers will improve after-sales services. In this 'war' against the new crown pneumonia, we will fully provide industrial aluminum profile profiles for automatic mask machine manufacturers, increase production capacity and put more masks into production as soon as possible; win the epidemic as soon as possible!
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