How to avoid scratches and scratches on aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-09
Scratches, scratches are the most common surface defects in the extrusion process of aluminum profiles. The surface of aluminum profile extrusions has rough longitudinal or horizontal grooves, scratches, and scratches that are recessed from the surface are mostly caused by foreign matter sticking to the mold. , Or rough processing at the empty tool. There are also raised scratches at the corners of the product, which are caused by cracks in the extrusion die. Lateral scratches or scratches are mainly due to the hardness of the cold bed when the product is transported from the slide out table to the finished sawing table. The protruding objects will scratch the product, and some are caused during loading and handling. How to avoid scratches and scratches on aluminum profiles?   The main elimination methods are:    1). The working belt of the extrusion die should be processed smoothly, and the empty cutter of the extrusion die should also be processed smoothly.  2) When installing the mold, check carefully to prevent the mold with small cracks from being used. Pay attention to the fillet radius when designing the mold.  3). Frequently check the cooling bed and finished product storage table to prevent hard protrusions from scratching the product.  4). When loading, place a spacer that is softer than the product, and the transportation and lifting should be stable and carefully operated.
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