How to buy aluminum profile and what kind of aluminum profile is good for doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-13
The demand for aluminum profiles is becoming wider and wider, and aluminum profiles are used in all walks of life. What is obvious is the doors and windows that everyone uses at home, how to choose aluminum profiles and what kind of aluminum profiles are good for doors and windows. Here, I will briefly say for everyone:    How to buy aluminum profiles:    1. Look at the quotation of aluminum profiles. The material is different, the surface treatment is different, the wall thickness of the aluminum material is different, the quotation is different, the difference is far. If the quotation is low, most of it is the recycling of inferior materials, the wall thickness is too thin, the same is 1m aluminum profile, the good material is 4KG, the second material is only more than 2KG, the good material has a wall thickness of 5mm, and the second one The material is only 1.2mm.  2. Look at the surface and section of the aluminum profile. If the surface and section are bright, it indicates that the alloy composition of the aluminum profile is high and relatively pure. If the section of the aluminum profile is black, or the surface color is not bright, it can at least show that the aluminum profile is made of recycled materials.   3. Look at the strength of aluminum profiles. There are two types of aluminum profiles, that is, the collision of good materials and inferior materials. The good materials will not have too much knock marks, and the bad materials will sink into a groove. What kind of aluminum profile is good for doors and windows:   1, the window wheel should be good, the rubber strip of the pressed glass should be resistant to old and corrosion;   2, the sealing performance of the doors and windows should be good;   3, the screen should be matched with the material, and the screen should not rust and The thickness and density should be good;   4, the cost performance should be high, the surface treatment layer of the profile should be electrophoretic, and the electrophoretic layer should be thick;   5, the installation frame should be hit to the horizontal line. The selection of aluminum profile brand products is only half of the decisive factors for the formation of windows. The installation of doors and windows directly affects the quality and life of your doors and windows. Strictly speaking, the selection of aluminum profiles should be considered for many reasons, such as climatic reasons, coastal areas It is suitable to choose electrophoretic aluminum because of its good corrosion resistance and alkali corrosion resistance; spray aluminum is mostly used in inland areas, and its color is very rich. In Beijing, broken bridge aluminum is more selected (considering energy saving, environmental protection, and economic factors). Domestic aluminum profile manufacturers are also uneven. The price difference of 2,000 to 3,000 yuan per ton is normal. However, the products manufactured by large aluminum profile manufacturers are of good quality and will be extruded with pure aluminum ingots. The cross section is silvery white. There are also guarantees. Some small aluminum profile manufacturers with black hearts (large aluminum profile manufacturers are not excluded) will add different amounts of scrap aluminum during production to offset some of the pure aluminum ingots, and the manufactured things will feel dark in cross section. , And even some small aluminum profile manufacturers do not perform treatment on the profile during production, causing the surface of the aluminum profile to fall off after a few years. Omitting certain necessary processes will make the price of the aluminum profile lower per ton. High-quality aluminum is several thousand yuan. Now if it is produced in strict accordance with the national standard, aluminum doors and windows with a wall thickness of less than 1.2mm are not allowed to be used in the Beijing market, and the wall thickness of the curtain wall profile must be more than 1.4mm. Therefore, when selecting aluminum alloy profiles, you must choose large aluminum profile manufacturers and brands. Only such aluminum profile manufacturers can use products produced by them with confidence. At the same time, they also call on aluminum profile manufacturers to take responsibility and not to save blindly. For the future of aluminum manufacturers, it is better to use aluminum when selecting materials.  
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