How to check and accept the processing of industrial aluminum profile frame

by:Zeyi     2021-08-03
Aluminum profile frame refers to a kind of rack assembled with industrial aluminum profile and travel-specific parts or accessories. The reason why it is called an aluminum profile frame instead of an aluminum profile shelf is that it is not only an ordinary shelf but also can be made into the outer frame and main structure of various products. For example, we often talk about workbenches, industrial fences, clean rooms, clean rooms, and so on. So how to accept the industrial aluminum profile profile frame processing? What details need to be checked? First: look at the surface of the profile, whether there are scratches? Is the ink cleaned; second: look at whether there is a gap between the aluminum profile and the accessories, or whether the gap is large? For example, are the flat seal grooves bulged in the pit? Are the corner pieces installed firmly? And so on. Finally: check whether the interface between the aluminum profile and the aluminum profile is neat or not? Is the position staggered and uneven? Is the hole position, aperture and depth of the processed aluminum profile frame accurate; the above is a brief introduction on how to accept the industrial aluminum profile profile frame processing. If these points are checked, the aluminum profile frame produced and processed is generally It is very qualified.
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