How to choose a suitable aluminum door and window?

by:Zeyi     2021-12-05
Doors and windows-as the eyes of our family, they cannot be ignored, but how to choose and what kind of doors and windows is the most suitable? Let me help you analyze ordinary aluminum alloys, plastic steel windows, broken bridge aluminum windows, and aluminum-wood composite windows. 1. Ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows At present, most ordinary aluminum alloy windows have been put into use, and the price is about 200 yuan per set. The advantages are: good weather resistance and strong aging resistance. Disadvantages: heat preservation effect is not as good as others. The material, the color is only white, and there are two types of tea. 2. Plastic doors and windows Plastic doors and windows are a form of doors and windows that the country actively promoted in the mid-1990s after wood, iron, and aluminum alloys. Because of its low price and good cost performance, it is still widely used because of its low price and good cost performance. Widely used, the price is basically the same as that of aluminum alloy windows. Advantages: It has the advantages of good sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, air tightness, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and heat preservation. Disadvantages: After a long time, the surface of the PVC plastic profile will turn yellow and deform. 3. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows adopt cold heat preservation and broken bridge technology, which combines the shortcomings of aluminum alloy doors and windows. It integrates many advantages such as cold heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, and anti-theft. The price is a few higher than ordinary aluminum alloys. Times, ranging from 400 to 1,000 yuan per square. The eight technical performances of Broken Bridge Aluminum are listed as follows: 1. It adopts independent sealing structure, flat window adopts equal pressure principle, and adopts three sealing structures of one hard seal and two soft seals, which has good air tightness and water tightness. 2. Colorful colors: After anodizing and powder spraying surface treatment, more than 200 different colors of aluminum profiles can be produced. After rolling and combining, the thermal insulation bridge aluminum can be broken. Doors and windows produce different colors of indoor and outdoor windows in two colors. 3. Good for health: The heat exchange between the human body and the environment depends on the indoor air temperature, air velocity and outdoor air temperature. Adjust the indoor temperature of doors and windows so that it is not lower than 12. ~13℃, which achieves the most comfortable environment. 4. Noise reduction: The hollow glass structure of different thicknesses and the cavity structure of the thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum profile can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent the propagation of sound waves, and reduce the propagation of sound. Low noise above 30 decibels 5. Prevent condensation: The temperature of the inner surface of the profile using the heat insulation tape is close to the indoor temperature, which reduces the possibility of indoor moisture condensation on the surface of the profile due to oversaturation. 6. Adopt 5×12≤5 hollow glass to improve heat preservation performance and sound insulation effect. 7. Energy saving: In winter, the window frame with thermal insulation strip can reduce the heat of the window frame by 1/3; in summer, if there is air conditioning, the window frame with thermal insulation strip can be reduced by 1/3; in summer, if there is air conditioning , You can reduce the window frame with insulation tape. Can reduce energy loss more. 8. Environmental protection: through the use of thermal insulation systems, energy consumption can be reduced, and environmental radiation caused by air conditioning and heating can be reduced. After reading the advantages of broken bridge aluminum windows, everything will be clear, never deformed, never faded, not to mention the service life. Let's talk about its shortcomings: the shortcomings of broken bridges and aluminum doors and windows. This is because aluminum is more expensive and more expensive to produce. 4. Aluminum-wood composite windows Aluminum-wood composite windows are divided into two types: aluminum-coated wood and wood-coated aluminum, which is the perfect combination of solid wood and aluminum. Aluminum wooden doors and windows are doors and windows that combine thermal insulation (broken bridge) aluminum alloy profiles and solid wood by mechanical methods on the premise of retaining the characteristics and functions of pure solid wood doors and windows. The market price of aluminum packaging wooden doors and windows is between 1600 yuan and 2500 yuan. Such doors and windows are suitable for high-end villas and hotels above five-star level.
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