How to choose the material of aluminum alloy mechanical equipment fence

by:Zeyi     2021-06-19
Modern industrial automation assembly lines are inseparable from large-scale machinery and equipment, such machinery and equipment generally need to add mechanical equipment fences inside the factory. The role of the aluminum alloy mechanical equipment fence is to protect the mechanical equipment on the one hand, but also to protect the workers in safe production. So how do you choose the material for the aluminum alloy mechanical equipment fence? Let's take a look: large mechanical equipment is automated but also requires manual opening and closing of the mechanical operations, so the mechanical fence is indispensable. The choice of material for mechanical equipment fences is actually industrial aluminum profile alloy profiles. Most of them choose to use aluminum alloy profiles to customize mechanical equipment fences, because it is very easy to disassemble and install without welding. In addition, the friction force in the mechanized production process of aluminum alloy anti-corrosion and wear resistance is also very large, and the aluminum alloy profile has high hardness and strong friction resistance. What kind of aluminum profile to choose for mechanical equipment fence is actually very simple. Find out the size of the mechanical equipment and the scope of mechanical operations, and then choose the appropriate profile. Generally, the aluminum profiles used on mechanical equipment fences have 4040 and 4080 combined installations, or 40120 aluminum profiles, 40160 aluminum profiles, but general mechanical equipment fences can be combined with 4040 aluminum profiles and 4080 aluminum profiles. No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, as long as it is a custom-made aluminum alloy fence, you can find an aluminum profile manufacturer-free design, remote guidance installation, on-site installation or in-plant installation.
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