How to clean broken aluminum doors and windows

by:Zeyi     2021-12-07
Now every basic door and window are broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, but as the use time increases, there will be some dirt. So, how to clean dirty aluminum doors and windows? Here are some methods to sort out, I hope it will help you: 1. If the yellow stains on the aluminum door and window frames of the broken bridge are not greasy, you can directly use a clean cloth dipped in safe bleach. 2. Use cotton gauze soaked in safe bleach water to wipe off the dirt on the aluminum door and window frame of the broken bridge. If it is only black stains, you can use clean water to dry the aluminum door and window material of the broken bridge. 3. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows near the kitchen will gradually turn yellow after a period of time. When removing these yellow stains, you can wipe it with a cotton cloth soaked in kerosene, then wash with detergent, and finally wash with water. 4. If the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge are oxidized and rusted, you can gently scrape off the aluminum rust with a knife, then wash it with soapy water, dry it with a dry cloth, dry it with wax oil, and wipe it smoother with a dry cloth. 5. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, coated with bird droppings, wipe with vinegar cloth, dirty windows, wipe with lemon slices, add 5% Amonia solution or gasoline, use it to wash the glass, dry with a dry cloth, the glass It's very bright. -6. In the process of using broken aluminum doors and windows, you should push and pull gently and let it be; if it is difficult to use force, you should first eliminate the fault. Fouling and deformation are the main reasons why it is difficult to push and pull aluminum alloy doors and windows. The door frame must be kept clean, especially the broaching groove. The vacuum cleaner can remove dust from grooves and door seals. The above is the experience of the door and window system based on the common sense of life, and share it with you. With these, you can repair doors and windows in a targeted manner, hoping to help you encounter the same problem in your life!
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