How to connect industrial aluminum profiles of different specifications

by:Zeyi     2021-09-29
When making aluminum profile frames, because of the different load-bearing requirements of each part, a single profile specification is often not used, so when multiple specifications of profiles are used, how should they be connected?    In fact, the problem is very simple, there are more than two specifications To assemble the profiles, two conditions are required. One is that the cross-sectional dimensions are the same on one side or in multiples, and the other is that the groove width of the two profiles must be the same. After these two conditions are met, the connection method is the same as the normal one. For example, 4040 profile and 4080, 3030 profile and 3060 profile, 4080 profile and 8080 profile, 2020 profile and 4040 profile, etc. can be used in combination.  Different specifications of profiles can be connected by corner fittings. Remember to use small specifications to use corner fittings. You can also use hexagon socket bolt connection, built-in connector connection, connection plate connection and so on. Which accessory connection to use should be selected according to the actual situation. It should be noted that if the internal connection is used, the position and size of the punch holes should be paid attention to.   If you have any questions about aluminum profiles, please consult our online customer service or call us. We will provide you with professional guidance and solutions. Welcome to consult!
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