How to control the defects of electrostatic powder spraying architectural aluminum coating?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-14
In recent years, electrostatic powder coating technology has developed rapidly as a surface treatment technology for architectural aluminum. The main feature is that the powder can be recycled, does not contain solvents, does not pollute the environment, is easy to realize automated manufacturing, is simple to use, the coating can meet the requirements of different weather resistance, and the colors are diversified. However, some defects often occur in the electrostatic powder spraying of aluminum profiles, resulting in poor appearance quality and performance of the product. The following are several common causes of coating defects and control measures:     defect name: particle cause analysis: the substrate surface has burrs, aluminum chips and graphite marks, etc., and the pretreatment is not good; the pretreatment bath residue adheres to the surface of the profile and is washed with water Dirty; the chromating material has been placed for a long time before painting, and the surface is adsorbed by dust; the improper use of new burning tools causes the surface of the chromating material to fall off; the powder and the recycled powder may contain impurities; the spraying site and the curing furnace are not clean There are suspended solids. Control measures: polish the surface of the blank or sandblast before the upper row to ensure that the pre-treatment is in place; regularly pour the tank, clean up the residue, and extend the pure water washing time; carefully blow the dust after the chromium material is discharged; Use after thin film coating; recycled powder should be used after sieving; the workshop implements 6S management, keeps the spraying site tidy, and regularly cleans the curing furnace. Defect name: Analysis of the cause of exposed bottom: poor coverage of powder coatings; complex cross-section structure of profiles easily cause electrostatic shielding effect; improper hanging method; poor sense of responsibility of spray booth workers, poor business ability, improper judgment of powder coating thickness; spray gun There is too much powder in the mouth and clogging; the moving speed of the spray gun is too fast or the chain speed is too fast; the understanding of the decorative surface of the profile is not clear. Control measures: strictly control the quality of powder coatings; manually add powder to the profile grooves and inner corners; adjust the profile hanging angle; improve the spray booth skills, and the spray booth workers try to measure the film thickness of the cured profile as soon as possible; clean the spray gun mouth regularly, Keep it unobstructed; adjust the moving speed of the spray gun and appropriately reduce the chain speed; understand the customer's spraying requirements and recognize the decorative surface of the profile. Defect name: Cause analysis of variegated color: When the spray booth worker changed the color and cleaned the spray booth, the cleaning was not thorough enough and the powder leaked and caused the variegated color; the powder (recycled powder) was not used in time to bake the board and the color was corrected; clean. Control measures: When cleaning the spray booth, the spray booth workers must carefully clean up every detail, especially the spray gun powder pipes are thoroughly cleaned, and the large cyclone must be carefully blown out. After cleaning the spray booth, the baking sheet must be checked for variegation before painting; The recycled powder must be used after the baking sheet is confirmed to be qualified, and the surrounding area of u200bu200bthe spray room should be kept hygienic and clean at all times. Defect name: Analysis of the cause of uneven coating: improper suspension and arrangement of chromium materials; poor grounding of aluminum materials (individual racks have poor conductivity); uneven conveyor chain speed, or chain speed inconsistent with spray gun lifting speed, profile decoration The number of powder coverage on the surface is inconsistent; the powder output of the spray gun and the powder atomization are improper; the compressed air pressure is unstable; the voltage of the high-electric static generator is unstable and the static electricity is high. Control measures: strengthen the communication between the workers in the spray booth and the workers in the spray booth, do a good job in the selection of the corresponding hangers for the profile; check whether the hangers are conductive; the spray booth workers strengthen the function, and do the hanger density, chain speed and Coordination of lifting speed; control the ratio of powder pumping gas and powder feeding gas; strengthen equipment maintenance and maintain stable equipment operation.
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