How to correctly choose aluminum extrusion machine

by:Zeyi     2021-09-09
Facing the increasingly complicated shape and size of aluminum profile, aluminum profile extrusion machine, as the main equipment for the production of aluminum products, directly affects the appearance quality and precision dimensions of aluminum profile. A good aluminum profile extrusion machine can give The economic benefits of the enterprise are very good. With the development of extruders in the direction of large-scale and automation, the requirements for machines are getting higher and higher. How to choose the right extruder has become a common problem faced by aluminum profile manufacturers. , The following provides some practical selection principles for reference only for those who need it. 1. According to the model, the extruder can be divided into different types according to different structure, transmission mode and functional purpose, including oil pressure, water pressure, vertical, horizontal, forward extrusion, reverse extrusion, etc. When selecting the type of extruder, the type and use of aluminum alloy can be used as a reference basis. For example, when extruding 6063-T5 industrial aluminum profile profiles, you can choose a positive single-acting horizontal extruder; extruding soft alloy pipes, Optional positive double-action horizontal extruder. Enterprises should choose the right extruder according to their own production and economic conditions. In actual industrial production, the most widely used is the forward single-acting horizontal hydraulic press. 2. After the type of extruder is determined according to the extrusion capacity selection, the extrusion capacity of the extruder must be selected. According to the capacity, the extruder can be divided into heavy, large, medium and small extruders. The size of the extrusion capacity should be calculated based on its own production conditions, technical level, equipment conditions and sales conditions, and calculate the annual production time, hourly workload and other parameters to calculate the annual production capacity of the extruder. , Because the size of the output and the size of the cross-section determine which extruder to choose, the extrusion capacity required for different alloy components is also different. The extrusion force required for ordinary aluminum profiles is 250-400MPa, and hollow aluminum profiles require The squeezing force is 450-1000MPa, and the squeezing force required for pure aluminum extrusion is smaller, 150-250MPa. The extrusion method is also very different. The extrusion force required for forward extrusion is 1/3 larger than that for reverse extrusion. 3. Choose the current binomial extruder type and extrusion according to the grade of the extruder. After the pressure capacity is determined, the grade of the extruder must be determined. It should be determined according to the product positioning and capital budget of the aluminum profile manufacturer. If the aluminum profile products produced by the company are mid-range, you can choose a domestic extruder; if it is positioned as a high-end product, you must choose an imported extruder. . No matter which grade of extruder you choose, it must be determined according to your actual conditions. If you only produce mid-range aluminum profile products, there is no need to choose an extruder imported from Germany. It is also very difficult for later maintenance. After all, the cost of all aspects will increase, and it will also affect the production schedule. It is necessary to do according to our ability and consider all aspects.
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