How to deal with spot corrosion on the anodized surface of industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-25
After industrial aluminum is anodized, spot corrosion on the surface of industrial aluminum is the most common phenomenon. has good corrosion resistance and decorative performance after anodization. Now industrial aluminum profile is used more and more Widespread, some industrial aluminum materials will have more serious spot corrosion after being used for a period of time. In order to improve the surface quality of industrial aluminum materials, how to deal with the spot corrosion of industrial aluminum materials? Below, let's take a look with the editor. From the surface of the corroded industrial aluminum, the spots are formed by a large number of corrosion pits with residues. During the anodic oxidation and alkaline washing, the Mg2Si particles preferentially dissolve to form etch pits, where magnesium is dissolved in the solution and silicon remains on the aluminum alloy. When the etch pits gather on the crystal grains, the color of the crystal grains will be darkened. In the sulfuric acid neutralization process, silicon is not easy to remove, so the silicon content at the bottom of the spot etching pit is higher than that in other areas. Therefore, there is no thorough treatment of spot corrosion on the anodized surface of industrial aluminum materials. We can only control the performance of industrial aluminum materials affected by spot corrosion as much as possible, and appropriately adjust the mass ratio of magnesium to silicon in the alloy. It is not suitable to make the content of silicon element. Too high, and arrange a reasonable aging system to prevent the segregation of Mg2Si particles, so as not to affect the corrosion performance of aluminum profiles. It is declared that this article is compiled and edited (), and the source must be marked when reprinted by other institutions and website platforms!
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