How to deal with the current affairs of industrial aluminum processing and avoid aluminum bending?

by:Zeyi     2021-04-29
How to deal with the status quo of industrial aluminum profile processing and avoid aluminum bending? Aluminum extrusion straightening: Straightening is a very serious part of profile bending. The straightening industry must pay attention to the strength of straightening. Excessive straightening force may cause deformation, closure, orange peel, etc., too small will produce profiles Straighten, cause bending. Aluminum extrusion frame: This link is also very important. After sawing a certain length, the frame must be installed. At this time, frame workers should pay attention to: Is this material a large material or a small material, whether it is drawn with a pipe material or a flat die The material coming out? Because the aluminum profile adopts a one-time extrusion process, it not only reduces the number of molds, but also effectively avoids problems such as process defects. The hardness of the aluminum profile can reach more than 13%, and the hardness of the aluminum profile processed by the strip steel process can reach about 10%. The adhesive insulating aluminum profile is once cured into the heat preservation tank of the aluminum profile to form a heat preservation bridge. Due to the high adhesion of the casting glue, the thermal insulation bridge and the aluminum profile are completely integrated, so the thermal insulation aluminum profile of this process has a higher strength. Aluminium belt insulation The aluminum profile itself is an insulation belt formed by two extrusions, and then passes through two aluminum profile process grooves, and then rolls. The material structure changes, resulting in poor overall strength of the profile. This process limits the insulation material The strength cannot be very high, sometimes used for the hardness of the profile will produce obvious cracks or breaks, making it a waste product. 1. Aluminum profile is a profile processed by anodic oxidation. Compared with steel profile, aluminum profile is light, environmentally friendly and beautiful. 2. The surface of the aluminum profile is coated with an oxide film, the surface is beautiful, dirt-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. 3. There are many aluminum profile materials, and there are many specifications and models. Users can choose different aluminum profile models according to their needs, providing users with a variety of choices. 4. There are many kinds of aluminum profiles, suitable for all kinds of equipment and machinery. 5. Most of the aluminum profiles are connected with modular aluminum profile accessories. These accessories do not require welding, are environmentally friendly, save labor costs, and save future maintenance and maintenance costs. 6. Due to the connection of the aluminum profile accessory connector, the product assembled with aluminum profile is easy to install and disassemble, the product is light in weight and convenient to carry. 7. The aluminum profile is an environmentally friendly profile, which can be recycled, is not easy to rust, mold, and has a long use time. 8. The aluminum profile has accurate dimensional tolerances and meets the requirements of high-standard instruments and equipment.
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