How to distinguish between the European standard and the national standard of assembly line aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-11
People in the industry who use industrial aluminum profiles know that assembly line aluminum profiles are divided into two types: European standard and national standard. So what is European standard aluminum profile and what is national standard aluminum profile? Many customers believe that European standard aluminum profile is produced in accordance with European standards. The dimensional accuracy of the aluminum profile will be higher than that of the national standard. The national standard aluminum profile is the aluminum profile produced in accordance with domestic standards, and the accuracy is slightly lower than that of the European standard aluminum profile. In fact, it is not such a distinction. The difference between the European standard and the national standard aluminum profile in the industry lies in the groove shape and the chamfer. 1. Different trough types, different nuts are placed in the profile trough when the profile is fixed and connected. The notch of the national standard profile is square, and ordinary square nuts are placed, and the notch of the European standard profile is trapezoidal, and special shaped nuts are required. 2. The chamfers of the corners of the profile are different. The four corners of the national standard profile are very small, almost at right angles. The four corners of the European standard profile have large arc chamfers. The introduction of 'the difference between the European standard and the national standard of industrial aluminum profile profiles' is here first. If you have any questions about industrial aluminum profile profiles, welcome to consult!
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