How to distinguish the quality of broken bridge aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-08-16
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are one of the most popular doors and windows on the market. This effect is derived from the broken bridge aluminum profiles. Its production process and every process are very standardized to achieve such high quality. For the production of broken bridge aluminum profiles, let me learn about the production steps and some details of the broken bridge aluminum together with the editor.   1. Inspect the surface quality and size specifications of the profile. The inner and outer aluminum profiles can be anodized or electrostatic powder sprayed profiles. A protective film is applied to protect the surface quality of the profile from being damaged during processing and handling.  2. Tooth opening is a key process, which is mainly used for rolling the two inner walls of the heat-insulating aluminum profile to form a zigzag tooth channel. Embed PVC rigid plastic strips by rolling to fix them together.  3. The process of filling the thermal insulation cavity with polyurethane foam is for the foamed thermal insulation aluminum profile. The profile is placed in a two-component metering mixer and poured into the thermal insulation cavity through a mixing nozzle to naturally foam. 4. The threading and rolling process is an important process. The threading is to pass the PVC rigid plastic insulation strip through the threading equipment into the insulated aluminum profile tooth channel with the teeth, and then pass the rolling equipment , Rolling the heat-insulating aluminum profile and the PVC rigid plastic rubber strip together. From the above content, we can see that some details of the broken bridge aluminum production are processed. Such a process can show you high-quality aluminum profiles. , So we can refer to the above content when processing. Everyone should pay special attention to the details when making them. For the profile, the details are a very important issue in determining the presentation effect.
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