How to distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-08
In the face of the uneven industrial aluminum profile market, many people don’t know how to distinguish the quality of aluminum profile? It’s actually very simple. Generally speaking, aluminum profile manufacturers will send you samples for free. When we get the samples, we can read from the following To identify these aspects: 1. Look at the accuracy. The precision of aluminum profiles includes straightness, flatness, twisting, thickness tolerance, etc. These precisions are required to be controlled within a certain range. The smaller the precision, the higher the precision, which can be used in some high-precision instruments. Precision also represents the processing strength of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the straightness, twisting degree is less than ±0.5mm, and the thickness tolerance is less than plus or minus 0.3mm. Ordinary manufacturers cannot achieve high accuracy, and the products they produce have no quality assurance. 2. Look at luminosity and chromaticity. A good aluminum profile is the color of the profile extruded from the aluminum ingot, the color of the cross section is silver-white, the texture is uniform, the surface is smooth and bright; its surface will not lose gloss and color within 20 years. The surface color of bad aluminum profile is black, and it is mostly made of recycled aluminum or containing waste aluminum. 3. Look at the service life. Good aluminum profiles have a long use time, are not easy to deform, and have good corrosion resistance. The poor aluminum profile has insufficient hardness, is easy to deform, easy to oxidize, and has insufficient thickness, and the load-bearing capacity cannot meet the requirements of use. The above is the content of 'How to distinguish the quality of industrial aluminum profiles'. If you need to purchase industrial aluminum profile profiles, please come to consult. Aluminum profile manufacturers for more than 15 years, direct spot sales, full specifications, excellent prices, welcome to consult.
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