How to do a good job in the cleaning of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-05-10
The spray cleaning method of industrial aluminum profiles is widely used. Due to the complex equipment, high process requirements and good cleaning effects, how to do the cleaning of industrial aluminum profiles: 1. Strengthen the wide benefits of the process and strictly implement the operating procedures. Check the running status every day and observe the process parameters at all times. Do not allow the workpiece to stay in the equipment to avoid rust. 2. Pay attention to the washing quality. In order to reduce the degree of pollution of aluminum profiles, first of all, it is necessary to minimize the contamination of the next process with cleaning fluid on the workpiece. In addition, multi-stage washing should be considered, generally two-stage washing, and some processes still use pure water washing. The maximum contamination of the washing water in the latter stage does not exceed one-tenth of that of the workpiece cleaned in the previous stage, so that the concentration of the residual liquid in the second-stage washing workpiece is only one-hundredth of the original concentration. When adding clean water to wash, use countercurrent supplementation to save water. 3. Foam and its control. In metal cleaning, the generation or removal of foam is very important for the pretreatment process. A certain amount of foam is beneficial to certain treatment processes. However, the quality of industrial aluminum profile cleaning agent does not depend on the amount of foam, but in the future When spraying inside, the cleaning agent is required to be low-foam, otherwise mass production will not proceed normally. 4. Formula of degreaser. Due to the poor effect of a single group of cleaning agents, multi-component and composite cleaning agents are generally used in the production of industrial aluminum profile profiles, because they are suitable for cleaning with strong alkalis, weak alkalis, polymeric inorganic salts, surfactants, etc. The cleaning agent can effectively exert their cleaning characteristics, and therefore can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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