How to ensure the accuracy of industrial aluminum profile cutting

by:Zeyi     2021-08-21
The deep processing procedures of industrial aluminum profile profiles include cutting, drilling, tapping, milling, installation, etc. Cutting, as the main processing procedure, has an extraordinary effect. A profile is 6 meters long, and it usually needs to be cut before it can be assembled and used. The cutting of aluminum profiles is carried out according to the processing drawings, and the accuracy of the cutting needs to be guaranteed so as not to affect the subsequent use. So how to ensure the accuracy of industrial aluminum cutting? Let's explain it to you. 1. Choose a professional saw blade, because the hardness of industrial aluminum profile is not as big as steel, it is relatively easy to saw, but because the hardness is not large enough, it is easy to stick to aluminum, so the blade must be sharp, and it must be replaced after a period of use. Drop. 2. Choose a suitable lubricant. If you do not use lubricant for dry cutting, the cut surface of the aluminum profile will have many burrs, which is difficult to clean. And it hurts the saw blade. 3. Use a professional CNC cutting machine for cutting, so that the length error of the cut will be small. Generally, the error of length cutting is within ±0.5mm, and the error of angle cutting is within ±1 degree. 4. Professionalism of personnel. The accuracy of cutting is not only affected by mechanical equipment, but also by the control proficiency of personnel. An experienced cutting personnel will process strictly according to the drawings to ensure the accuracy of the cutting. The above is the content of 'How to ensure the precision of industrial aluminum profile cutting'. If you need to process industrial aluminum profile profile, you can come to consult. Count 10 sets of CNC processing equipment, provide aluminum profile deep processing services, welcome to consult.
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