How to ensure the quality of building curtain wall construction?

by:Zeyi     2022-02-09
Key points of building curtain wall construction quality control 1. Improving the construction quality management system According to the construction project acceptance regulations, combined with the actual project, formulate effective and feasible monitoring and management rules, including raw material management, construction process management and process management. The construction unit shall be responsible for the inspection and acceptance of construction and installation quality, analyze and study with on-site construction personnel in a timely manner, find out the cause, correct it, and adopt a combination of self-inspection, mutual inspection, and acceptance of quality management personnel and supervision personnel to ensure The construction quality is under control. Pay attention to the investigation of the construction personnel's ability, strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the facilities, and strengthen the inspection of the operation process. 2. Strengthen the management of qualification certificates of construction units. The glass curtain wall project must accept the supervision and management of the construction management department. Before construction, the project management department of the relevant construction unit shall conduct a detailed inspection of the quality and technology of the project management department of the relevant construction unit, and review the relevant qualifications, technical management level, and employee induction certificates of the construction unit. In order to start work. All curtain walls of high-rise and super-high-rise buildings must be individually supervised by the project supervision unit, and the supervision engineer shall comprehensively supervise the construction and installation quality of the curtain wall. After the project is completed, the local engineering quality supervision agency must organize inspection and quality acceptance evaluation to meet the qualified standards before it can be delivered to use. 3. Strict quality control of building curtain wall design Make full use of computer technology as an auxiliary design method to improve the technical content of the design and reduce quality defects caused by human error. Designers should avoid common problems in design, carry out design work in strict accordance with relevant standards, consider the anti-seepage and waterproof performance of the curtain wall, and do a good job of drainage design for parts that are prone to leakage. Strictly review the drawings, construction drawings and structural calculation documents, confirm by the user, and then review the drawings, review the corresponding drawings, and carry out the technical submission work. 4. Strengthen construction organization and management. Pay attention to construction organization and management, and require relevant technical personnel to earnestly grasp the quality of work. Actively organize safety knowledge education and skill training for construction personnel to improve the overall quality and technical level of construction personnel. Do a good job in the management of material procurement, construction quality monitoring, etc., and form a strict construction organization. 5. Strict metal sheet quality acceptance strictly controls the sheet metal production process, strictly requires the temperature, humidity, ventilation, dust volume and other factors in the production workshop to avoid the influence of the external environment on the quality of sheet metal manufacturing, and control the transportation and installation of the sheet metal. Make it fully meet the relevant requirements of the curtain wall industry. Detailed inspection of the raw materials entering the yard: When the glass enters the construction site, check whether the size of the glass is correct, check whether the glass is damaged during storage and transportation, and require that the color of the entire glass should be uniform and should not cause pollution and coating. If the layer is damaged, there must be no obvious scratches and small scratches with a length greater than 100 mm per square meter. Small scratches with a length not exceeding 100 mm should be less than 8, and the total area of u200bu200bthe scratches should not exceed 500 meters; the sealant should enter the construction On site, the compatibility test between the adhesive and the contact material must be carried out, and the performance test must be qualified. Use within the validity period. Strictly abide by the construction regulations to ensure the construction quality; select the reasonable structure, strong combination, high strength, good rigidity, and heat resistance The heat-breaking profile with high sound insulation and energy-saving performance, wind resistance, and excellent sealing and waterproof performance.
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