How to identify the authenticity of aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-08-16
How to identify quality:    1. There will be brand printing codes, fake printing codes are easy to be erased, and genuine ones, even with some harder things, it is difficult to remove the printing codes.  2. The thickness of the genuine window profile is about 1.4mm, and the thickness of the door profile is about 1.6mm.  3. The original products are only white and champagne colors, and the other colors are sprayed by the processor.  4. The insulation strip in the middle is made of nylon, and many counterfeit products use PVC material. The difference between the two is that the nylon material looks rough, while the PVC is smoother and shiny.   5. Counterfeit products generally have many traces on the broken aluminum alloy profiles that are extruded due to the many impurities in the aluminum material.   6. Counterfeit products are generally frizzy on the surface due to the backward spraying technology, while the genuine products have no wavy gloss on the surface.
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