How to improve the yield of aluminum extrusion?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-14
The above describes several factors that affect the yield of aluminum extrusion. So, how to increase the yield of extrusion? The editor is here to share with you a few points:    1) Quality inspection: machine quality inspection should adopt fast, accurate, and ruthless inspection methods. The so-called fast means the inspection is diligent and timely; the accurate means to be familiar with national standards, internal control standards, and different customers. Different surface treatment standards, if necessary, take samples for corresponding surface treatment tests, and there must be no misjudgment and over-standard acceptance. In special circumstances, it must be reported to the relevant person in charge immediately; ruthlessness is the dignity of the position and implementation of the implementation system.   2) Extrusion team leader: Can not pull the wrong mold, can not write the wrong tracking card, and actively do the quality self-inspection and process inspection work. 3) Host operator (acting squad leader): actively cooperate with the squad leader, verify each set of molds, control the three temperatures, and flexibly grasp the flow rate of the output according to the structure of different models and different surface treatments, and check the output at any time Quality status, responsible for wall thickness, forming degree, collapse and drag and/or internal drag, and accurately calculate whether the material head after sawing different specifications and varieties into semi-finished products is long enough. 4) Interruption: Interruption is also a very important position. If quality problems are found, the squad leader or deputy squad leader should be notified as soon as possible. Each set of molds must be checked for the height of the lifting frame of the discharge port, the graphite block and the high temperature roll. Whether it is intact, because they will directly affect the forming degree of the output material, turn on the fan in time to check whether the conveying process of the conveyor belt is smooth and effective. If it is found that there are bubbles and oil bubbles on the surface of the profile, it must be clearly marked on the profile to prevent it from flowing into the next process. 5) Straightening worker (combining, cutting to length, framing worker):    Before straightening, the surface quality of each material should be checked thoroughly, and the profiles on the cooling bed should not be piled up too much to avoid scratches. Hollow profiles should be Use appropriate plugs to prevent excessive deformation of the broken ends. If there is an assembly relationship, the actual matching of the corresponding surface treatment model of this batch of orders shall prevail, so as to control the stretching rate of the straightening. When combining materials, pay attention to the different methods of combining materials with different surface treatments. For blanks, oxidized sandblasting materials, and oxidized electrophoretic light fabrics, try to keep the non-decorative surface facing down or the non-decorative surface and the non-installing surface to keep the profile support. Try to avoid rubbing, touching, scratching, scratching or scratching the decorative surface as far as possible. Before cut-to-length sawing, consider whether the end of the material and the waste are long enough. If the whole material or the batch is not long enough, immediately notify the interruption or start the hand. After sawing, carefully check whether the end of the profile is deformed, such as due to sawing. Deformation can appropriately slow down the cutting speed. Heat insulation material (specially specified in the order for bending and twisting shall be strictly inspected according to customer requirements, and for those not specified in the order shall be accepted by high-precision level). Before framing, each material must be qualified after passing the platform. The profiles that are easy to be crushed by the spacers behind the frame should be separated by flat tubes in each layer. Products with strict surface quality requirements should be separated by a single high temperature felt. The spacers must be placed neatly.
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