How to install aluminum doors and windows in new house decoration? Precautions for choosing aluminum doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-08-11
In the decoration of new houses, the decoration of doors and windows is valued by many owners. At present, there are many kinds of materials used for window decoration, and aluminum doors and windows are one of them.   So, how to install aluminum doors and windows in new house decoration? As a well-known aluminum manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows, it is also one of the representatives of China's famous aluminum products. The following editor will take you to understand the key points of aluminum doors and windows for new house decoration:    Notes for purchasing aluminum doors and windows:   Sealing performance of doors and windows: When choosing aluminum doors and windows, the first consideration is the sealing performance. If the sealing performance is not good, there will be a lot of dirt hidden in the aluminum alloy doors and windows, which will affect their appearance. In addition, the sealing strips of aluminum doors and windows should be made of high-quality materials, because the high-quality sealing strips are processed by advanced heat-pressing sealing technology and then sealed in all directions, which can effectively prevent dust and water, and can also be soundproof.   Door and window components: The connection of aluminum door and window components should be firm. In addition, its components should be filled with corrosion-resistant materials to make the connecting parts more sealed and waterproof.   Door and window price: The production cost of high-quality aluminum doors and windows is relatively high, and its price will be about 30% higher than inferior doors and windows. However, some manufacturers cut corners in order to reduce costs, so this kind of doors and windows is not suitable for purchase.   Door and window processing quality: General high-quality aluminum doors and windows have very fine workmanship, and the solder joints are smooth, especially the splicing parts are also very flat. However, the processing of low-quality aluminum doors and windows is relatively rough. For example, the corners of the door frames are not spliced u200bu200bsmoothly, and some large gaps will appear. Therefore, when purchasing, pay special attention to whether there are open or missing welding on the surface.  Aluminum doors and windows installation precautions:   marked positioning: determine the installation position and elevation of the doors and windows according to the design drawings, and measure the edges of the doors and windows. If it is a multi-storey or high-rise building, the edges of the doors and windows on the top floor should be taken as the criterion, and then the edges of the doors and windows should be drawn down with a thread drop, and then the windows of each floor should be marked.  Aluminum door and window installation: According to the door and window positioning line, install the aluminum alloy door and window frame. Then adjust the horizontal and vertical lines of the door and window frames, adjust them and fix them with wooden wedges.   Treatment of the gap between the door and window frame and the wall: After the installation of the aluminum door and window, the concealed engineering acceptance is carried out. After the acceptance is passed, the gap between the door and window frame and the wall is processed. The material for the gap treatment can be elastic thermal insulation material or glass wool felt strip, but there should be a gap of 5mm to 8mm to fill the sealant.  Finally, aluminum doors and windows should be cleaned and maintained during use to extend their service life and maximize their effects.
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