How to install seals on industrial aluminum frame

by:Zeyi     2021-08-02
Aluminum profile seals are also called flat seal groove strips, which are used to cover the pits on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles, play a decorative role, and can also keep the surface of the aluminum profiles clean and tidy. There are many colors of aluminum profile flat sealing groove strips, but because aluminum profiles are mostly silver-white, the colors of flat sealing groove strips are generally black, white and gray, and some are yellow. Because the notches of industrial aluminum profile profiles are generally 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, the conventional seal models are B6, B8 and B10. So how to install the aluminum profile flat sealing groove strip? First of all, you must choose the correct aluminum profile flat sealing groove strip. The profile of groove 8 chooses the B8 seal so that the corresponding model will not be wrong. Secondly, cut the length of the seal to be 1 cm longer than the length of the profile. Finally, trim both ends of the seal, then press it into the notch, and press it with a roller to fit seamlessly with the notch of the aluminum profile. It's simple to say, in fact, the installation of seals on industrial aluminum profile profile frames is a technical job, requiring careful and patience, otherwise it is easy to waste seal materials and time. Focusing on custom processing of industrial aluminum profiles for 16 years, welcome to consult!
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