How to judge the quality of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-16
There are good and bad aluminum profiles. How to judge the quality of aluminum profiles is very important to choose a good manufacturer first, but if you understand the major factors that affect the quality of aluminum profiles, you can actually buy reliable materials.  1. Aluminum alloy smelting furnace    smelting furnace is also very important. Generally, square furnaces (rectangular furnaces) are used, and the advanced ones are round furnaces. Some round furnaces can tilt the molten aluminum. In terms of tonnage, there are one, two, five, ten, twenty-five, and fifty-ton aluminum melting furnaces. More advanced, add a static furnace below the aluminum melting furnace, which is mainly used for alloy preparation. The furnace can be used for slagging and degassing, standing, and then casting aluminum rods for extrusion. Generally, furnaces should have a chimney no matter what fuel is burned. Most of the waste gas and slag produced during the combustion of the fuel can be discharged from the chimney. If all the flue gas and waste slag are melted in the aluminum water, so that the aluminum rod for extrusion is cast, there are serious slag bubbles inside, which is one of the reasons for the poor quality of aluminum and one of the reasons for the cheap aluminum price.  2, alloying element    can only guarantee the quality if the alloy is made with a qualified formula, otherwise the quality will not be improved on how to process it in the future. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers reduce the amount of magnesium to the minimum allowable content. Even worse, the magnesium content is lower than the minimum allowable content. As a result, the mechanical strength of the aluminum profile is very low, it can be so low that it can be easily bent with both hands, and it is commonly known as soft as noodles. This is one of the reasons why aluminum can be thousands of dollars cheaper. Regular aluminum manufacturers have internal standards when formulating alloy components, that is, within the range of various element content, each factory has its own smaller range of changes, and the ratio of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon is very strict. Each factory has its own data and keeps each other confidential.  3. Profile extrusion   There are many types of profile extrusion machines in my country, and the grades are very different. They are also the best in the world. There are the factory's own simple extruders, modified by plastic extrusion machines, and a small number of domestic ones, followed by most of them from Japan, the United States and Germany, with hydraulic and oil pressure. In short, hundreds of domestic extrusion presses are diverse. It is generally believed that Japanese, American, and German extruders are better. Good and bad extruders, the same cast rods, the quality of extruded profiles is never different.   High-quality and ordinary aluminum materials or refining tools will cause large deviations in the quality of aluminum materials. If you upgrade your products in terms of tools and technology, I believe it will be easier to gain industry recognition than cheap products.
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