How to judge whether the installation of your own system doors and windows meets the usage standards?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-31
After the aluminum.com/aluminium-profile-for-wardrobe.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profile doors and windows are installed, for ease of use, they generally need to be tested to see if they meet the usage standards. If there is a problem, the aluminum profile doors and windows must be dealt with in time. So, what is the specific inspection method? What issues should be paid attention to? 01 The installation of door and window frames directly affects the overall firmness of doors and windows. The inspection can be carried out from its firm flatness and tightness. (1) Check the vertical flatness of the window frame: use a level to check the vertical angle range of the window frame. The allowable deviation of the verticality of the front and side of the window frame is generally 2.5mm, the allowable deviation of the horizontality of the window frame is generally 2mm, the allowable deviation of the horizontality of the window frame is generally 5mm, and the allowable deviation of the verticality of the window frame is generally 5mm. (2) For the connection with the wall, it is necessary to strictly check whether the joint between the frame and the wall is firm, and whether all the sealing strips of the joint are off. 02 years. Inspection of door and window sashes The surface quality of doors and windows after installation directly affects the decorative effect of the entire wall. The visual inspection of doors and windows includes surface cracks, deformation and installation inspection of door and window rubber strips. (1) Visual inspection: see gloss and surface of aluminum profile doors and windows. Then use a ruler to measure whether the diagonal lines of the doors and windows are consistent, and carefully observe whether there are scratches. (2) Seal inspection: When the sealant is in contact with glass or glass tank, the sealing rod shall not roll or groove. There is no obvious gap between the weld bead and the profile, and the joint gap is less than 1mm. 03 Door and window lock check Door and window hardware is related to the use of doors and windows. Check whether the installation is firm and whether the key can be turned freely. (1) Check the installation of the door and window keys. First check whether the installation position of the door and window key is correct and whether there is a reverse installation. Check whether the two sides of the lock are installed correspondingly and whether they are misplaced. Then shake the door and window lock by hand to see if it is loose. (2) Use the system door and window key to check the flexibility of the door lock activity, check whether the unlocking and unlocking are smooth, then check the window, close the window key, move the window by hand, and check whether the window does not move. 04 Door and window use inspection The opening and use inspection of doors and windows, including whether the doors and windows are opened and closed smoothly, and whether there is abnormal shaking after the doors and windows are locked. Shake the doors and windows by hand to check for abnormal resistance and sound. Change the window opening force and check whether the window opening can withstand different forces. Close the doors and windows to see if they are sealed. Check whether the sliding force of the sliding door is stable. In order to judge the quality of the doors and windows of the system, it is recommended that you refer to the inspection to see if it meets the usage standards. If there is no problem in the details of the door lock, hardware, etc., the basic doors and windows meet the requirements of use. can be inspected according to the above conditions before use.
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