How to maintain and maintain aluminum alloy profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-26
Aluminum alloy profile has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, novel structure, convenient installation, material saving and durability. Reasonable maintenance, installation and protection can ensure the beautiful appearance and appearance of aluminum alloy products. Here to tell you how to maintain and maintain aluminum alloy profiles? 1. The aluminum alloy profile must be handled with care during the transfer process, and be careful not to bump into the appearance and affect the appearance;   2, the aluminum alloy profile must be covered with a sheet of cloth during transportation to prevent rain and snow intrusion; 3. The storage environment of aluminum alloy profiles should be dry, bright, ventilated, and non-corrosive. At the same time, be careful to prevent rain, water, and snow from intruding;   4. The distance from the ground is greater than 10CM;   5. When the aluminum alloy profile is stored, it is prohibited to store it with chemical materials and wet materials;   6, the aluminum alloy profile must be installed with waterproof tape on the outside, and the frame material that touches the wall , It is necessary to ensure that the oxide film and paint film on the surface of the profile are not damaged.  7. After being processed into doors and windows, clean the surface of the aluminum material regularly with a clean cloth and neutral detergent.
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