How to maintain and maintain industrial aluminum profiles to extend their service life

by:Zeyi     2021-09-01
Everyone knows that industrial aluminum profile profiles have been favored by various industries. After the surface of industrial aluminum profiles is oxidized, the appearance is very beautiful, and it is resistant to dirt. Once it is coated with oil, it is easy to clean. When assembled into products, different specifications are used according to different load-bearing Profiles, and use matching aluminum profile accessories, do not need welding, more environmentally friendly, and installation, disassembly, lightweight, easy to carry, and extremely convenient to move. In order to extend the service life of industrial aluminum profile profiles, the editor will tell you how to maintain and maintain industrial aluminum profiles:   1. When industrial aluminum profiles are stored, it is forbidden to store them together with chemical materials and wettable materials;   2, industrial aluminum profiles are in During transportation, it is necessary to cover with a tarpaulin to prevent the intrusion of rain and snow;   3, the storage environment of industrial aluminum profiles should be dry, bright, ventilated, and non-corrosive;   4, it is necessary to handle the aluminum plate lightly during the transportation process Put it out, beware of bumps that may cause damage to the appearance, which may affect the appearance;   5. When storing industrial aluminum profiles, it is recommended to put them on a shelf with a small standard. The best way to store large standard aluminum plates is to use a skid at the bottom to separate it from the ground. Keep the distance from the ground greater than 10cm.
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