How to maintain the finished profile after installation?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-16
When the profile is installed, due to the carelessness of the wall decorators, the filling foaming agent is often uneven in thickness or stuck on the profile, or stubborn stains are also present on the profile. At this time, the methods we can use are: A. Use a spatula to shovel the convex part of the filling and smooth it with sandpaper. B. If there is paint decoration, the shoveled area can be treated with paint of the same color. C. Scrub the surface of the profile with water to remove general dust. D. Dip white cotton yarn with ethyl acetate to scrub stubborn stains, and then scrub with water.   One of the advantages of aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profiles is that maintenance is basically unnecessary. We generally need to check the following five aspects: A. Whether the profile welds of the profile frame and fan are cracked. B. Whether the profile fan is obviously deformed, warped, or the flat fan sags. C. Check whether the sealing strips and leather strips are shrunk, deformed, or have gaps. D. Whether the hardware accessories are broken, damaged or tight. E. Whether the drainage hole is unobstructed.
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