How to make aluminum alloy profile combination shelves

by:Zeyi     2021-06-21
There are many kinds of common storage racks, such as beam racks, through racks are also called drive-in racks, fluent strip racks, medium-sized racks, three-dimensional warehouse racks, and so on. In the factory, shelves are also needed to place materials, which can be managed in an orderly manner, which is convenient for storage and handling. So how to do the aluminum alloy profile combination shelf? 1. First confirm the size of the shelf, including length, width and height. If it is a multi-layer shelf, you need to confirm the shelf height, the expected load-bearing capacity of the shelf, and the type of panel used. List the above technical requirements on a piece of paper and make a simple hand-drawn sketch. 2. Next, contact the aluminum profile manufacturer and give the sketch to the technician, who will provide selection guidance according to specific requirements. Including the profile specifications used, the types of accessories that have been used in the connection method, and so on. 3. Then confirm the drawing and process it. After the aluminum alloy profile manufacturer and the customer confirm the drawing, it can be processed. Including cutting, drilling, tapping and other processing steps. 4. Final assembly. This step can be done in the profile manufacturer, or you can assemble it yourself. In fact, simple shelf assembly is also relatively simple, no welding is required, just lock it with accessories. Aluminum alloy profiles generally use 4040 aluminum profiles, 5050 aluminum profiles, and 6060 aluminum profiles for shelves, all of which are selected according to the carrying capacity of the shelf. If you have any questions about aluminum profiles, welcome to consult!
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