How to make the aluminum profile workbench structure firm

by:Zeyi     2021-09-08
The aluminum profile workbench is to build a whole frame structure with aluminum profiles according to the requirements of use, and can be used in different places with various panels. The main purpose is to place items at zero hour, which is convenient for personnel to operate. Many people have a requirement when customizing an aluminum profile workbench that is to ensure a firm structure of the workbench during use. Let's give you a detailed introduction. 1. Choose suitable aluminum profile specifications. The main reason for the unstable workbench is that the profile specifications are not selected correctly. Obviously the load-bearing capacity is 300 kilograms, so I had to choose the 2020 specification profile to make, but there was only one, and the workbench collapsed or bent. Therefore, when we make the workbench, we must clarify the load-bearing requirements of the actual workbench, and select the appropriate aluminum profile specifications according to the requirements. If you don't know how to choose, you can ask the technical staff of the profile manufacturer to help provide comments and suggestions. 2. Generally, the workbench is connected by corner fittings and does not need to be punched. The assembly is simple and convenient. However, the load-bearing capacity of the corner pieces is not as large as that of the hexagon socket bolts, so if the load-bearing requirements of your workbench are relatively large, you can use the hexagon socket bolts for fixed connection. 3. The reason why the workbench is not firm may be related to the vibration of the machine. At this time, install a square foot on the bottom of the workbench and fix it on the ground with expansion bolts. It is strong and not easy to move. The above is the whole content of 'How to make the aluminum profile workbench structure firm'. If you have any questions, please come to consult. More than 15 years of industry experience, provide selection guidance, drawing and design solutions, welcome to consult.
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