How to measure the thickness of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-16
The thickness of industrial aluminum profiles generally refers to the wall thickness of industrial aluminum profiles. This is a very important indicator for industrial aluminum profiles, which is directly related to the load-bearing capacity of aluminum profiles. Customers subconsciously hope that the thicker the industrial aluminum profile they buy, the better, and many industrial aluminum profile profile manufacturers also promote the thickness as a selling point. So the thicker the wall thickness of the aluminum profile, the better? How to measure the thickness of the industrial aluminum profile profile? The wall thickness of the industrial aluminum profile is related to the meter weight, load-bearing and use range of the industrial aluminum profile, but not the thicker the better. The aluminum profile of the same material has a thinner wall and higher hardness than a thick one. The aluminum profile that is too thin is easy to deform, and the load-bearing capacity of the thin aluminum profile is not as good as that of the thick aluminum profile. Generally, if there is no requirement for load-bearing, the wall thickness is greater than 1mm. If there is a requirement for force, aluminum profiles of different thicknesses can be selected according to the force. Aluminum alloy profiles are extruded with aluminum rods on top of the mold. The weight of each batch of aluminum alloy profiles is different because of the loss of the mold. That is to say, the longer the mold is used, the thicker the thickness of the aluminum alloy profile. Therefore, the weight of the aluminum alloy profiles is different, and the common method of measuring the wall thickness of industrial aluminum profiles is to use a vernier caliper to measure. The above is the relevant introduction to the 'industrial aluminum profile thickness'. The thickness of the aluminum profile is not as thicker as possible, but to choose the appropriate specifications according to your own requirements.
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