How to operate an industrial aluminum extrusion press?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-15
For the transmission of the industrial aluminum extruder itself, attention should be paid to the difference between single-screw and twin-screw industrial aluminum profile extruders. Do not change and use them, otherwise it is easy to cause irreversible failures to industrial aluminum extruders.
extrusion machine operating procedures:    1. Check whether the oil pressure system leaks oil and whether the air pressure is normal.  2. Check whether the conveyor belt, cooling bed, and storage table are damaged or scratched. 3. Confirm the length of the aluminum profile before stretching, and then pre-determine the stretch rate, determine the stretched length, that is, the moving position of the main chuck, usually the stretch rate of 6063T5 is 0.5%-1%, and the stretch rate of 6061 T6 is 0.8 %--1.5%.  4. Confirm the clamping method according to the shape of the aluminum profile. Hollow profiles with large cross-sections can be stuffed with stretch pads, but try to ensure a sufficient clamping area.   5. When the aluminum profile is cooled to below 50°C, the profile can be stretched.   6. When the profile has both bending and twisting, the twisting should be corrected first and then the bending should be pulled.  7. Test the first and second wires to confirm whether the predetermined stretch rate and clamping method are appropriate. Visually bend, twist, and check the plane gap, flaring, and parallel of the profile. If it is not suitable, adjust the stretch rate appropriately.   8. When the normal stretching rate still cannot eliminate the bending, twisting, or the geometric dimensions can not be qualified, the operator should be notified to stop the extrusion.   9. The profiles on the cooling table cannot rub against each other, collide with each other, stack up, and prevent scratches. The working efficiency and service life of the industrial aluminum extrusion press are closely related to the installation sequence of the industrial aluminum extrusion press. The equipment foundation of the general industrial aluminum extrusion press must not only be able to bear the weight and production of the equipment itself. In addition to the weight of the raw materials, it must also bear the dynamic load of the extruder when working, so the equipment installation must be carried out in accordance with the corresponding installation procedures.  1. Dig the foundation pit according to the requirements of the equipment manual, and dig out the electric wire pipes, upper and lower water pipes and compressed air pipe trenches at the same time;  2, fix the foot hole wooden mold according to the size and distance of the anchor bolt hole of the industrial aluminum extruder. The foot hole wooden mold should be trapezoidal or conical with a small upper part and a big lower part;   3. The electrician should install the line pipe, and the plumber should install the upper and lower water pipes and the compressed air pipeline;   4, the first foundation irrigation, leave the footing hole. Cover the grass bag on the foundation, and water it twice a day after 24 hours to keep it in good health. During the curing period of the cement foundation, the ambient temperature should be above 5℃;   5. After curing the cement foundation for seven days, remove the anchor hole template, lift the industrial aluminum profile extruder and level it according to the position of the anchor hole, and roughly find the height, level and Center line position;    6. Put the equipment fastening bolts in the anchor holes, pass the bolts through the equipment connection holes, and tighten the nuts. Pay attention to the length of the thread adjustment amount;   7, irrigate the anchor hole, fixing bolts, the curing period should exceed ten days;   8, use a pair of inclined iron (inclination 1/10~1/20) and a flat steel plate as a set , The flat plate is underneath, a pair of inclined irons are combined on the flat plate in opposite oblique directions, pad on both sides of the anchor bolt holes, and the inclined irons are used to find the level and adjust the center height. At the same time, the center line of the industrial aluminum profile extrusion machine coincides with the center line of the industrial aluminum profile extrusion machine production line;   9, pre-tighten the anchor bolts, pre-tighten each nut diagonally, and the tightening force must be the same;   10. Correct the equipment level and center High and center line, fasten bolts everywhere, connect water and gas pipelines and connect electrical lines. It is worth noting that after the industrial aluminum extrusion press is installed, the process technicians should carefully read the equipment manual, and formulate the test-run production process, test-run operating procedures, material plan, and test-run tools and tools according to the requirements in the manual. Test run time. Understand and be familiar with the structure of the equipment and the functions and functions of each part, and memorize the usage of the buttons and switches. As an important part of the industrial aluminum extruder product, the filter chamber must be replaced according to the different extruded products during use and operation. Pay attention to the operation process during the replacement to prevent industrial aluminum extrusion due to improper operation. Damage to the machine. 
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